Important tips to follow when relocating to Germany

Important tips to follow when relocating to Germany

There are many reasons why we might want to relocate to Germany. It could be due to our love for the country, because of work or for the purpose of education. Irrespective of the reason, there are some pieces of information that when you are aware, it will make it easier for you to settle down. For instance, you will need to first get an accommodation. You can always check about the real estate agent to patronize on After getting the accommodation, you should further read about interior decorators like Naturehome to see if they are the right company to help you set up your home in Germany.


Except there is a means to immediately acquire a personal source of mobility, otherwise, there are different available means of public transportation covering national, regional or local trains and buses to use. But first, it is advisable to purchase BahnCard50 to take advantage of 50% off transport fare. As a student settling in the country, you can also enjoy free or discounted train travel within a certain region by acquiring what is called a semester ticket.


Germany is one nation that has strict laws and penalties against illegal immigrants. To avoid any form of embarrassment regarding your residency in the country, always take your ID card with you…keep your residence permit card with you wherever you go and make sure you safely keep a copy at home in an event of loss or misplacement.

Renting Apartment

The policies governing renting an apartment in Germany might be different from your own country. In Germany, you’ll need to pay up to 3 months’ rent and a deposit in advance to be able to secure a place. This means you should have enough savings. Also, budget for what the country law calls Nebenkosten which is additional monthly payments that cover fees, Internet, refuse and other bills. Note: an amount you pay for an apartment per month before bills and Nebenkosten are called Cold Rent or Kaltmiete.

Safety and security

Although there are no cities officially declared unsafe or insecure in the country there are other cities that feel safer and secure than some. If you are looking out for these, check cities like Berlin, the capital, Stuttgart, Nurnberg, Munich, Leipzig etcetera.

Cost of living

Some cities are relatively cheaper to live in than others. This could be due to the low cost of transportation, food items, school fees, rent, taxes and so on. If you are considering these based on your pocket, check out cities like Heidenheim, Darmstadt, Hamburg, Bochum, etcetera.

Medical services

Germany is one of the countries with an excellent medical system such that residents can access comprehensively covered with compulsory health insurance to every resident. There’s an understanding between employer and employee to contribute for health insurance and the German government subsidizes this insurance to make it accessible to all including those out of work, low wage workers etcetera. But to access this medical care, you need to register with the state health care and get your health card which you’ll be using to schedule visits. Note: it’s mandatory by law for all German residents to have health insurance. So be ready to enrol.

Learning German

English might be widely spoken but it’s advisable to learn the German language. This is because it will do you a great deal when the situation demands you communicate in the German language. Many firms are offering such services for a fee. Another way of learning it is by familiarizing yourself with people like colleagues at work, neighbourhood, etc.

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