Eco-friendly ways to renovate your house

Eco-friendly ways to renovate your house

At one point or another, each building will get to a point where it’ll need repairs or renovations. There are various reasons to renovate a house, from making a house appear more beautiful to adding value to the house before selling it. Whichever the reason, it’s also prudent to renovate your house in eco-friendly ways. This will ensure that your house becomes part of the green movement and preserves the planet from pollution. Various home renovation companies can offer you eco-friendly services. You can use review sites such as to find reputable brands. Insurance will also help offer protection against financial losses that can happen to your property during the renovation. Use reviews of German insurances to select reputable insurance companies to go for. Some of the eco-friendly ways that you can renovate your house are discussed in this article.

Think energy efficient

When shopping for new appliances, for example, dishwashers, ovens, and refrigerators, always look for energy-efficient appliances for your home. Usually, an energy star logo is used to mark the energy-efficient appliances. Energy-efficient appliances operate only when needed and thus use less energy which helps you save overall energy cost and overall ensures a clean planet with no much pollution.

Make use of paints that are VOC-free

Typically, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) produce molecules that are harmful, and which cause long-term health effects among persons. This is because they have chemical ingredients that evaporate into the air as the paint is drying. Always opt for VOC-free paint, which will be an option that’s safer for the home, its occupants, and the environment at large.

Have Low-flow devices installed

Approximately 27% of the water in a household is utilized in toilets. Actually, some toilets use over 12 litres of water in a single flush. To be water-efficient, it is important to go for low-flow plumbing systems. Your sink faucets, toilet and shower, need to be changed with low flow devices to ensure you save water. More so, consider having a dual-flush system, in which you can press one button and flush the liquid water together with other solid waste in the household. Today there are many dual-flush systems in the market, with some having a low-price tag as low as $15. In addition to the low-flowing toilets, you can incorporate flow governors into sinks and showers. This will help reduce your water usage while also aiding the recycling of as much water as possible.

Instead of replacing items, you can instead reface the house

It is possible to renovate a house and give it a brand-new look without wasting material or destroying it. Refacing a home will give it a new look, offer it a distinct quality while still ensuring that you save money.  Repurposing and refacing materials and items in a home averts needless purchases for upgrading your home. It also decreases emissions from transportation and manufacturing of materials and saves natural resources, saving the environment.

Deconstruct your home instead of demolishing it

If your renovation plan includes having to knock down entire rooms or tearing down walls, it is wise that you first walk around your home and look at what you can re-use and salvage beforehand. This is eco-friendly and overall helps to save money. Additionally, if something is not broken, you don’t have to fix it. By going around your house, you will realize that many materials can be re-used and salvaged. Ensure that you consider everything, from flooring to light fixtures, tile, cabinets, and bricks. For example, if you have a plan around replacing the dining room’s chandelier, you can consider utilizing it in another room such as in the kitchen, the bathroom, or even your son’s bedroom.

Have water filters installed in the kitchen

In Kitchen renovations, have a water filter installed and thus eradicate the need to rely on plastic water bottles that you dispose of from time to time. This is beneficial to the environment and will help save money. Also, ensure that you position windows to receive the most possible natural light and warmth, thus reducing your reliance on electricity. Also, for refrigerators, place it in a cool spot, normally far from the oven windows or any other heat sources. This will maximize the refrigerator’s potential and ensuring your energy bills remain low.


In your renovation plan, always select high-quality insulation. The better the insulation in your house, the more your house is protected from environmental elements. With quality insulation, your house can stay warm during winter, which will mean that you will have your thermostat set low. This reduces your reliance on electricity to regulate the home’s temperature, thus saving cost while also saving the environment from pollutions from overreliance on electricity.

In conclusion, with this article, you have eco-friendly ways that you can renovate your house.

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