Danish Kitchen Gadget Must-Haves

Danish Kitchen Gadget Must-Haves

Every Danish kitchen has the need for must-have kitchen gadgets to make cooking easier, quicker, and more fun.

Whether you bake for fun, creating new meals and taste sensations, or you are a serious cook who loves to entertain, having excellent quality kitchen items can change the way you cook.

We know the Danish people for their phenomenal desserts, known globally as danishes. In Denmark, however, they are known as Wienerbrod, which translates to Viennese bread. Topped with chocolate, berries, or even nuts, there is nothing better than a danish and a cup of coffee to start your day. You can search for cafes and restaurants that have great reviews for their danishes and coffees by visiting Danskeanmeldelser.dk, a Danish website that allows reviews of all Danish stores and companies. Read reviews, tips, compliments, and complaints about this company from real-world customers that have actually bought those products so that you can make better-informed decisions for yourself.

Danes are passionate about cooking, spending hours creating traditional dishes such as the danish, as well as Smorrebrod, another traditional favourite which comprises an open rye-bread sandwich with various meat and vegetable toppings. A Danish kitchen is one of the most well-stocked with gadgets from companies like Skousen, which you might find interesting.

Here are some of the must-haves that you will find in any kitchen in Denmark:

  • Aebleskiver Pan:

An aebleskiver pan is designed specifically to create a Danish dessert known as Aebleskiver, which is essentially doughnut hole pancakes, but sweeter and with a richer flavour. The pan has sections for each dough ball, keeping its shape and allowing for overall, even frying.

• A hand mixer or stand mixer:

Most Danish desserts are dough-based. Why spend hours kneading dough to the perfect consistency when you can use a hand or stand mixer?

• A good quality electric coffee machine:

A dessert pairs well with a cup of coffee or a cappuccino. Having a good quality coffee machine allows you to get the store-bought coffee flavour in the comfort of your own home. A machine with all the bells and whistles such as various functions and a milk frother is costly but worth it.

• Blow torch:

A small kitchen blow torch can come in handy to quickly melt the sugar on a danish, as well as toast nuts on top of your smorrebrod without needing to remove the toppings. It is a great timesaving gadget to have on hand.

• Electric frother:

Should your electric coffee machine not have a milk frothing function, you can buy an electric frother to create the perfect cappuccino or frothy coffee.

• Toastie maker:

A lot of the popular meals in Denmark are bread-based, and a toastie maker is a must. It can make toasted sandwiches and the open bread meal Smorrebrod.

Other useful items that you will find in a Danish kitchen are a suitable set of mixing bowls, measuring cups and spoons, as well as excellent quality baking pans and sheets. These items are useful for baking and cooking delicious meals.

Many Danish designers have come up with their range of kitchen and homeware, adding a bit of luxury to an otherwise ordinary kitchen tool. From spoon rests and crockery items to cutlery decorated with beading and embellishments, you can spice up your kitchenware and own a piece of art at the same time.

By browsing online stores, blogs, and even thrift markets, you will find the most beautiful kitchen items to suit your lifestyle and kitchen decor perfectly.

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